Brief Tax Attorney Job Description

Brief Tax Attorney Job Description

Whether corporate, government or private, tax attorneys are highly trained, highly skilled individuals who specialize in the investigation and litigation of tax related issues. Needing a formal education as both a tax law attorney and a certified public accountant a career as a tax attorney can be long and difficult.

For those willing to pursue the long education requirements, the rewards can be well worth the effort. Though the field of tax law is highly specialized, those with the skills, talent and knowledge are in high demand and extremely well paid. Tax Lawyer Connecticut is the number one pick for you if you are in Connecticut and you need tax advice.


Needing the articulation and charisma of any court room lawyer a tax attorney must also possess an extremely detailed mind and enjoy hours of work pouring over minute details. Success in tax law is literally found “reading between the lines” to find the mistakes or advantages that can save their clients millions of dollars when discovered.

Though the field is highly competitive, a career as a tax attorney can offer unparalleled fringe benefits such as traveling where ever a client might need you. For many the thrill of the challenge, of the “detective” work involved in tax law drives them to pursue such a career.
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1 (2)A tax attorney can be adept in the general field of tax law or they can specialize their knowledge into one specific area such as litigation or corporate law. Many tax attorneys also pursue careers with the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS) which employs more the one hundred thousand people in tax related fields.

With so many options available many tax attorneys simple choose to work as consultants or freelancers working where and when they want to. Work as a consultant can be rewarding and fulfilling, constantly facing new challenges and working with new clients on a range of tax services. Still, this job is very demanding and it takes years of learning before you come to the place of experienced tax lawyer, but nevertheless – it is worth of studying since you, as tax lawyer, are well-respected and highly valued.